Awake Meditation Timer and Alarm Clock
Setting the Awake Meditation Clock before practicing
Meditating with the Awake Meditation Clock
Finished meditating with the Awake Meditation Timer
Meditation timer features infographic
Awake Meditation Clock with backlight on

Awake Meditation Timer + Alarm Clock

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Fall in love with your nightly disconnect.

Remember when we weren't all tethered to our smartphones? The Awake Mindfulness Clock is the simple tool you've been waiting for to help get your phone away from your meditation practice and out of your bedroom.

If you use your Awake clock as intended, you'll likely experience:

  • greater presence
  • calmer mind
  • deeper connection
  • ability to remain in the present moment
  • a sense of freedom

Your mindfulness clock was thoughtfully designed to remain easy-to-use while providing just the right features to facilitate your disconnection from technology.

1. It's a meditation timer so you can get your phone away from your meditation space:

  • Gentle chime sound gently rouses you from meditation
  • High or Low volume
  • Three easy-to-program phases
    • Duration — program how long you'd like to meditate
    • Warm-Up (optional) — start the timer, set it down, and get settled on your cushion before the first chime lets you know that you indeed started the timer
    • Intervals (optional) — set the timer to go off during desired intervals
  • Count-up timer — counts up from zero if that's preferable for your meditation style
  • Screen off setting — use in case you're the type who would like to remove the temptation to peek and see how much time is remaining

    2. It's an alarm clock, so you can get your phone out of your bedroom:

    • Same gentle chime sound as the meditation timer
    • High or Low volume to awake you from your peaceful, non-twitchy phone-free sleep
    • Snooze function programmable to your desired length of time

      3. Other features:

      • 12- or 24-hour time
      • Pleasing amber backlight for nighttime viewing
      • Runs on two AA batteries (included) for portability
      • Low battery indicator
      • Perfectly sized for your bedstand or travel
      • Wide base - not a flimsy fold-out easel-style stand. Place it on the floor or bedstand with no fuss: it won't fall over
      • Tested by an accredited lab to ensure compliance with FCC standards

      I think that covers it but if we missed something or if you have any questions, drop us a line.